One Rotary Summits - 2020-21

A One Rotary Summit (ORS) is all about how Membership, Public Image, and Humanitarian through The Rotary Foundation are connected and work together in Rotary. There is a slide in the ORS slide set (Document 11) that illustrates these relationships.
This year’s ORS materials are based on Rotary’s theme for this year: Rotary Opens Opportunities.  As this year’s Rotary President Holger Knaack has stated, “We believe that our acts of service, big and small, create opportunities for people who need our help. We also know that every act of service will inspire and change us… Everything we do opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere.”  
Those attending the ORS will jointly discover and develop creative ways to achieve and sustain membership growth and retention, to increase Rotary Foundation giving and project engagement, and to gain enhanced public image in their communities. 
Click here to view a recording of the July 22, 2020 webinar, “An Introduction to 2020-21 One Rotary Summits.”
Documents for presenting an ORS in 2020-21:
(Click on an item to open it.)
  1. Summit Outline and FAQs
  2. Organizer Guide
  3. Promotional Information for Districts
  4. Downloadable ORS Logo
  5. Supplies, Equipment, and Tips for In-Person Meetings
  6. Supplies, Equipment, and Tips for Virtual Meetings
  7. Setting the Stage
    1. DG Remarks
    2. Membership Chair Role
    3. The Rotary Foundation Chair Role
    4. Public Image Chair Role
  8. Breakout Facilitator Guide for Sharing Ideas
  9. Discussion Questions for Sharing Ideas
  10. Moving to Action Outline
  11. PowerPoint for Use at the ORS
  12. Toolkit Contents
  1. Personal Action Plan
  2. RIP Holger on Rotary Opens Opportunities
  3. District Information
  1. Instructions for an Event Evaluation