Introduction: One Rotary Summit - Version 1 - 2015

The One Rotary Summit is a three-hour synergistic learning experience asking all participants to work together to develop creative solutions to two relatable Rotary case studies. One Rotary Summit participants will work in teams and be presented with two case studies all of which ask participants to leverage tools and information in relation to Membership, Public Image and The Rotary Foundation. We want participants to think outside the box! We all know that when it comes to our Club’s there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, so let’s get creative!

One Rotary Summit Materials

  • ORS Introduction - This document provides a suggested script for the event coordinator to introduce the One Rotary concept and to highlight plans for the summit.  
  • ORS Facilitator Guide The facilitator guide includes all of the specific information the One Rotary Summit facilitator needs to know to successfully execute the summit. The guide includes step-by-step instructions for facilitating the ORS, additional information on prepping for the ORS, and a copy of the ORS Participant Workbook.
  • ORS Facilitator Presentation – This power point file is the presentation you will need to use for your ORS.
  • ORS Participant Workbook – The participant workbook includes all of the information needed by all of your participants. More specifically, it includes both ORS Case Studies, worksheets, a personal action plan worksheet and additional resources. 
  • ORS Participant Survey - This is a copy of the survey questions used to gather participant feedback at the District 7360 ORS in August 2015.
  • ORS Table Materials (to be used at your ORS):



  • One Rotary Introduction - Jennifer Jones - This video features Jennifer Jones, RI Director for Zones 28 & 29, introducing the new One Rotary Summit education program in Zones 28 & 29.  She spoke at the beginning of a One Rotary plenary session during the 2015 Zone Leadership Training held in Detroit.
  • One Rotary - Explanation of Resources and Introduction of Case Study -This video features an explanation of the One Rotary resources available at and an introduction of the case study that was discussed for about 25 minutes by plenary session participants at the Zone Leadership Training for Zones 28 & 29 in September 2015.
  • One Rotary - Outcomes from the Case Study Discussion - This video features a presentation of outcomes from one group's discussion of the case study.  About ten groups worked on the case study during this plenary session, but due to limited time not all group's outcomes could be shared.
  • One Rotary - First Date Skit and "Start, Stop. Continue" - This video features two members of the Zones 28 & 29 Rollin' with Rotary team, Kathy Fahy and Marie Fallon, doing a first date skit and an overview of "Start, Stop, Continue", examples of how to provide lighter, meaningful moments during a One Rotary Summit.
  • One Rotary Plenary Wrap-up -  During this wrap-up video, speakers discuss next steps to conduct One Rotary Summits in Zones 28 & 29.