Introduction: One Rotary Summit – Version 2 - 2016

The One Rotary Summit (ORS) design for 2016-17 is a new process to engage Rotarians in a discussion again this year of the synergies among Membership, The Rotary Foundation and Public Image as they develop plans for their clubs and districts.  The goal is to have Rotarians talk about their own club in response to a set of questions that encourage them to think about where their club is, and where they would like it to be, related to Membership, Foundation, and Public Image.


The format is similar to last year with the people at a table representing three or four different clubs.  It is suggested to have two members of a club at the same table.  That would set the stage for them to take what they learn back to their club.  The participants should be encouraged to report back to their club as soon as they can after the ORS is completed.  And someone should be assigned to follow up with each club that was present at the ORS.
The proposed format for the day could be:
  1. Up to 30 minutes of:
    1. Welcome, Introductions and General Instruction,
    2. “Setting the Stage” with brief overviews of Membership, Foundation and Public Image, and
  2. 80-120 minutes – Up to three 40-minute rounds of the “Hometown Scenario” discussion (see attached document) focusing on different spotlighted clubs in each group – 30 minutes of discussion followed by 10 minutes of sharing the ideas discussed.
There are a variety of ways to identify which club is in the “spotlight” first.  For example, one would be to choose clubs as the table assignments are determined.  Repeat the same scenario process for each spotlighted club.
We suggest that the ORS organizer email a section of the document to participants ahead of the session along with directions to the sources of relevant information so they can gather information and talk with others from their club about the questions.
Our recommendations about reference materials include these two, the brochure entitled “Impact Begins with You” that is available on Shop Rotary for $1.25 for five copies and “The Rotary Foundation Reference Guide” [219-EN – (1015)] at $3.00 per copy or as a free download.  Once again, each district has a $300 budget in the Regional Membership Plan for materials.

One Rotary Summit Materials


  • ORS Flyer This is a fillable PDF file that may be customized to promote a One Rotary Summit.
  • ORS Logo – This is the One Rotary Summit logo that may be used on promotional material.
  • One Rotary - First Date Skit and "Start, Stop. Continue" - This video features two members of the Zones 28 & 29 Rollin' with Rotary team, Kathy Fahy and Marie Fallon, doing a first date skit and an overview of "Start, Stop, Continue", examples of how to provide lighter, meaningful moments during a One Rotary Summit.