One Rotary Summits 2017-18

A One Rotary Summit (ORS) is all about the synergy among Membership, Public Image, and Humanitarian Service (The Rotary Foundation).  There is a slide in the ORS slide set that visually shows these relationships.
The Rotarians and Rotaractors at the ORS will jointly come up with creative ways to achieve and sustain membership growth and retention, to increase Rotary Foundation giving and project engagement, and to gain enhanced public image in their communities. 
This year’s ORS places emphasis on the synergy described above, keeping focus, being People of Action, and Making a Difference.
The documents to prepare for and present an ORS in 2017-18 are found below.
One Rotary Survey
Ask your attendees to fill out the online survey at this link:  You may show them the feedback link during your last session for them to type into their mobile devices and fill out the form before they leave, or you may email your attendees the link intermediately following the event.  Obtaining feedback while it is fresh is very beneficial for the organizers and attendee alike. 
Once we have feedback on your district's event, we will break out the responses and send it to you.  By having both zones supply feedback on the same form, we can measure the overall effectiveness of the program