One Rotary Summits 2018-19

A One Rotary Summit (ORS) is all about the synergy among Membership, Public Image, and Humanitarian Service (The Rotary Foundation).  There is a slide in the ORS slide set (Document 9) that illustrates these relationships.
Those attending the ORS will jointly develop creative ways to achieve and sustain membership growth and retention, to increase Rotary Foundation giving and project engagement, and to gain enhanced public image in their communities. 
This year’s ORS places emphasis on the synergy described above, People of Action, this year’s Rotary Theme: Be the Inspiration, and “Why Rotary?”  That synergy is explained in Welcome to ORS - a two-minute video by Jennifer Jones that is designed as a welcome on the day of the ORS, but also may be used to promote ORS.
The documents to prepare for and present an ORS in 2018-19 are found via the links below.  Items with an asterisk (*) after the title are revised documents as of 13 July 2018.
What documents are posted here online for your use?  (Click on an item to open it.)
  1. Summit Outline *
  2. Organizer/Lead Facilitator Information *
  3. FAQs
  4. Promotional Information for District Use
  5. ORS Event Flyer (fillable)
  6. A Downloadable One Rotary Summit Logo
  7. Supplies, Equipment, and Tips *
  8. Public Image Checklist for a Presenter
  9. PowerPoint for use at ORS *
  10. Table Facilitator Guide
  11. Discussion Questions and Scenarios for the Sharing Ideas Segment
  12. Toolkit Contents *
    1. TRF Brief Sheet
    2. Public Image Resources
    3. Online Video Resources
  13. Instructions for an Event Evaluation, including getting results to you
  14. Sample Banner