What is Public Image in Rotary?

Public Image isn’t simply public relations or marketing.  It’s the image we create in all we do…internally and externally…that helps define our brand in our communities and throughout the world.

Why is Rotary’s Public Image important?

When we focus on building a strong and consistent public image within our clubs and throughout the public, we will
  • help to create the best experience possible for our members, which will engage them further; and
  • create an attractive presence in our communities that will raising the public’s awareness and understanding of Rotary while increasing their desire to be involved

What is part of Rotary’s Public Image?




Meeting Location & Room Arrangement Attractive Projects/Fundraisers/Activities
Meeting Content & Attitudes of Members Organized & Consistent Promotion of Activities
Communication of Information to Members Clear & Consistent Branding & Messaging

…and much more!