Phoenix 223 are individuals across the Region with a variety of experiences in forming new clubs. We are here to assist!  Our effort includes providing information and training to help build confidence in our District New Club Development Chairs (DNCDC).  You can build new clubs locally!  The following videos will be beneficial in your efforts.
View the District New Club Development Workshop (former name was District New Club Champion before being changed by RI to District New Club Development Chair):
View the video from the District New Club Development Forum:
Please contact us with any questions you have or just to bounce your creative ideas off of someone with experience:

Here is a resource for you as a DNCDC!  When you have an opportunity to make a presentation about starting new clubs here is a customizable PowerPoint put together by DNCDC mentor Tom Gump. Another great tool to help grow Rotary from Phoenix 223.  Download the "New Club Presentation" here: