One of the great advantages of starting a satellite club is gaining from the experience and encouragement of an established club while only needing 8 members to launch.  Hear from a panel of those who are in the midst of starting a satellite club as well as a success story of an active Satellite Club. Phoenix 223 Workshops provide a chance to learn more about new club development options. View the Starting a Satellite Club Video here:
View the "chat" from the workshop with great resources from the RI Staff.

A Satellite Club is a Rotary club sponsored by a traditional club but with its own meetings, projects, bylaws, and board. Those who want a club experience or meeting format or time other than what’s offered by the traditional clubs in the area will thrive by forming a Satellite Club.
Learn more in the Guide to Satellite Clubs:

Phoenix 223 provides an opportunity to evaluate opportunities for new club development in your district and then provides what you need when you need it to be successful in your new club launch!  Please contact us with any questions you have or just to bounce your creative ideas off of someone with experience: