Project Phoenix 223 Purpose

1. Leadership Support:
  • Insure those desiring to start a new club have the support needed to thrive by creating a bridge between Phoenix 223 and the RC, ARCs and DMC
  • Innovative Club Advocates and Rotary Coordinators work with DGs to identify District New Club Development Chairs in each district
  • Support districts in the new club development process and provide resources as new clubs are chartered
2. Create & Provide Materials:

Serve as the central repository of new club development initiatives, new club model frameworks, and communication tools

3. Mentoring:
Walk beside anyone starting a new Rotary club

Why Project Phoenix 223?

Rotary Membership in North America continues to decline. The purpose of this project is to cause these membership numbers to “rise from the ashes” like the mythical Phoenix by the next birthday of Rotary, February 23 (223). This can be done with the chartering of new Rotary clubs.