How to Get Started:

What issues or areas of interest would attract People of Action who have not had the chance to become Rotarians?
That is the first step: think about an issue or a cause that is important to people.  You can then form a satellite, stand-alone club, or a hybrid. Use your imagination, find an issue, find people passionate about it then build a club that meets their needs. There are so many opportunities. You know what a great organization Rotary is ~ think of those people committed to a cause who would benefit from becoming a part of the family of Rotary and all Rotary has to offer!

View a recording of a workshop with great specifics about starting a Cause-Based Content:

Looking for a step-by-step document with a model of a club started in our Region with everything you need?

NOTE:  Cause-Based Club initiatives may not be used to promote religious beliefs, political issues, or other non-Rotary organizations, or for the sole purpose of advocacy. The identified ‘cause’ must advance the Object of Rotary International.
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