A Passport Club is a Rotary club that allows members to attend other Rotary club meetings all over the world as long as they attend a specified number of meetings in their own club each year.  Dian Edwards prepared some FAQs about Passport Clubs:



We invite you to join the recently established Rotary Discussion Group on Passport Clubs. Go to My Rotary. Click on Exchange Ideas to find and join the group. (You will need to login.)

Phoenix 223 Workshops provide a chance to learn more about new club development options.  Below is a workshop about starting a Passport Club in your district.  It is an opportunity to evaluate opportunities for new club development in your district and then provide what you need when you need it to be successful in your new club launch!  View the Starting a Passport Club Video here:

Phoenix 223 Team Members Lloyd Campbell, Dian Edwards & Tom Gump lead a panel of Rotarians who have:
1. Successfully chartered a Passport Club or
2.  Are in the process of forming a Rotary Passport Club. 
The purpose of the workshop is to encourage you and address specific questions as well as provide step by step guidance for success.

Please contact us with any questions you have have:  phoenix223@zones25b-29.org